Aankomend event

Meet our volunteer: Yasmin

Another Covid lockdown motivated me to give Workaway a shot.
I am based in Copenhagen (DK) and spend most of my time working with beer – either serving, pairing, or consuming. It, therefore, wasn’t difficult for me to decide what kind of workplace to look for – a brewery of course! I filled in the search bar, and up popped FEYS.
I’ve spent a small two weeks here and looking back I almost feel overwhelmed thinking about all the experienced I’ve made; the people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, the skills I’ve learned.
The two families sparkle with inspiring energy making creativity and motivation grow inside of everyone and everything around them.
I came to FEY’s because I needed to clear my mind. Through great conversations and exciting projects, I’m on my way back on track – it’s funny how actual cleaning can initiate mental decluttering.
Going back to Denmark my backpack is filled with great memories, and I’ll look forward to revisiting FEY’s in the future.